Heart of Life Graduation and Missioning 2016

Welcome to the Heart of Life Graduation and Missioning Eucharistic celebration for 2016.

I would first like to introduce you to our celebrant this evening, Fr Hien Vu, who is part of the Heart of Life family, as he himself graduated from the Siloam Program in 2013, and who has undertaken other courses at Heart of Life over the years. Perhaps in recognition of his many talents in spiritual direction and in other areas, the archdiocese of Melbourne has seen fit to appoint Fr Hien to, not one, but two large parishes—Kensington and Flemington—so with these commitments and responsibilities, we are very grateful to Fr Hein for accepting our invitation to be our celebrant this evening.

This is a very special occasion for all those associated with the Heart of Life Spirituality Centre, for the graduates, their friends, their families and community members, and also for the staff of Heart of Life.

During the 12 graduates time with us–one year full time, or two years part time—they have each undertaken a journey to a space within where their real self dwells, in all its fragility and beauty. This journey is by no means an easy one. It takes courage to set out, to get there, and even more courage to stay there. And when they do get there, they find that they are not alone.

They have also found that, in giving of themselves, they have learned much about themselves, in ways that can only be described as transformative. This is why tonight, as is our custom, we are celebrating both a graduation and a missioning ceremony, for we are not only recognizing what the graduates have done and achieved and become in themselves during their time at Heart of Life, but we are sending them out, missioning them, to continue to do so in a wide variety of ministerial situations, both within Australia and abroad.

We are very proud of our Siloam graduates, for who they are and for who they will become. I wish to thank everyone here this evening for the support that you have given them, and will continue to give to them.

And I wish finally to recognize in particular this evening the wonderful staff of Heart of Life who have walked with each one of these graduates every step of the way on their shared journey to become more and more attuned to the mysterious Other in the heart of all creation, who dwells in that sacred space within.


Paul Beirne



Siloam 2016 (Full-time) Graduates (with two Siloam Supervisors in back row)


Siloam 2016 (Part-time) Graduates

Siloam 2016 (Part-time) Graduates